The SponGES Project

SponGES is an EU funded (Horizon 2020) project with the overall objective of developing an integrated ecosystem-based approach for the preservation and sustainable exploitation of vulnerable deep-sea sponge ecosystems in the North Atlantic. The SponGES project will be delivered by an international and interdisciplinary consortium of partners, including research institutions, environmental non-governmental, and intergovernmental organisations.

The SponGES project has the following aims:

  • To improve our understanding of North Atlantic sponge grounds by investigating their distribution, diversity, biogeography, function, and dynamics.
  • To unlock the biotechnological potential of sponge ground ecosystems, improving innovation and industrial application.
  • To understand the threats to sponge ground ecosystems, and to model and predict the impacts of future climate change on these ecosystems.
  • To inform policy-making with regards to vulnerable deep-sea ecosystems and to develop tools for improved resource management and good governance of these ecosystems.

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Deep-sea sponge ground.

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